Allan Davies Junior Open Report—15 May 2010

Report on Allan Davies Junior Open gala held at Park Road on 15th May at 5.00pm

Swimmers:            Andrea, Phoebe, Jessica S, Gemma, Dottie, lily, Mathilda, Billie Milena, Leah, Isabel, Bella, Lotte

Aaron, Alex, Isaac, Oisin, Rene, Luke W, Adam, Ilyam, Harry, James K, Huxley, Jasper,

Many thanks to all those who were able to come to this gala – it was a very exciting evening, and as usual swimmers achieved loads of PB’s.  We came 3rd, but only just, and we had a few disqualifications, otherwise we would have come second.  Next time!  Thanks to Matilda O and Grace for helping poolside, and to David Shaw and Rachael for their help on timing.  And to Sarah and Chelsea for attending the gala.

1st places

Phoebe – U12 breaststroke, U11 Butterfly

Milena – U12 Backstroke, U12 Freestyle

Rene – U14 Butterfly

Isabel U14 Freestyle, U14 Backstroke

James – U14 Breaststroke

2nd Places

Dottie – U14 Butterfly, U13 Freestyle

James – U14 Butterfly

Oisin – U11 Breaststroke

Leah – U13 Butterfly

Luke – U14 Freestyle

Milena – U12 Butterfly

Rene – U13 Freestyle

Boys U13 Freestyle – Jasper, Huxley, Harry, Adam

Girls Squad – 2L Freestyle relay – Phoebe, Milena, Dottie, Isabel

3rd Places

Andrea – U11 Freestyle

Harry – U13 Backstroke

Ilyam – U12 Backstroke

Girls U14 Medley – Billie, Bella, Isabel, Leah

Boys U14 Medley – Harry, James, Luke, Jasper

Boys U11 Freestyle – Alex, Aaron, Oisin, Isaac

Girls U12 Medley – Andrea, Phoebe, Milena, Jessica

Boys U12 Medley – Ilyam, Oisin, Jake, Alex

Girls U12 Freestyle – Gemma, Bella, Leah, Lotte

Girls U14 Freestyle – Billie, Gemma, Lotte, Isabel

Adam – U13 Breaststroke

Luke – U14 Backstroke

Great swims from everyone.  Results Sheets HERE shows PB’s in Red and unofficial best times in Blue.

Swimmers of the gala:-  James and Phoebe for some fantastic swims

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