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Clissold Swimming Club is now called Hackney Aquatics Club.
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Cold Water kit list for Dover

Clissold Swimming club is a multi-disciplinary aquatic sports club and open water swimming is one of the club’s activities. All of our swimmers are competitive swimmers and compete regularly. The club is working to build up a competitive calendar of open water swims so that our athletes can test themselves.

The club has the ambition to swim the channel and has booked boats for 2008 and is working toward this, here is our poster and here is our fundraising prospectus. Crossing the English Channel is not an inexpensive affair, boats and pilots have to be chartered, accommodation and travel expenses will be incurred and swimmers will need extra items of warm clothing and equipment.

The club will be adding other fixtures to the open water programme in due course.

If you are interested in Open Water Swimming or you would like to help young people from north and east London achieve this great ambition and want to sponsor the team please get in touch.

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Extra information – factual

Dover Harbour Webcam, Dover, United Kingdom


  • 1) It’s 21 miles from England to France if you don’t take the scenic route! Most channel crossings end up being between 24 and 30 miles with currents.
  • 2) The water temperature in August is around 15C to 17C (that’s around 60F to 62F)
  • 3) A team can comprise any mix of female and male swimmers. They can do any stroke as long as they keep swimming. Someone has even swum the whole of the Channel butterfly (Julie Bradshaw MBE!).
  • 4) The team would swim in one hour stints in rotation until they reach France! You have to swim for an hour and you have to swim in the order you told the observer at the start.
  • 5) A relay could take anything between 8 or 9 hours and 17 hours! That could mean swimming once or swimming 3 times.
  • 5) There is no upper age limit but the lower age limit is 12 by the time of the swim. This year the club has decided to make it a youth only initiative.
  • 6) Part of the swim would almost definitely be done at night! Very exciting!

Open-water and sea swimming clubs and organisations. (compiled by Wildswimmer Pete)

River and Lake Swimming Association (RALSA)

Formed by and made up of keen open water swimmers to represent the interests of the sport and its participants. Clubs and individuals are welcome to join.

is free. Website:

Farleigh and District Swimming Club
As far as I know this is the only river-swimming club left
in the UK. They have their own stretch of the River Frome
with all facilities available. The
Rob Fryer is the author of open-water guide “Cool Places” and Chaiman of


Bournemouth Spartans Winter Sea Swimming Club

Opening Hours
Meet at 10.45am to swim at 11am each Sunday October to April
inclusive. Changing facilities and hot drinks available. Members
are also welcome
to meet informally
May – September for summer bathing at 10am each Sunday.

Seafront adj. to Boscombe Beach Office
To the East of Boscombe Pier
Tel 01202 304854

Brighton Swimming Club

Details of BSC’s all year round sea swimming section here:

City of Liverpool Swimming Club

I must declare an interest here as I’m a member. Organisers of the
cross-Mersey charity swim. Martina Corrin is Secretary of the open-water
email: martina.corrin AT Website:

British Long-Distance Swimming Association

Their very comprehensive website is here:

British Triathlon

British Triathlon’s home page can be found here:

Outdoor Swimming Society

Site at present under revision:

Hampstead Heath Winter Swimming Club.

??????..swim throughout the winter in the Mixed Pond on Hampstead Heath.
Membership of the club is open to all adults, who swim at their own
risk without lifeguards. There is an annual membership fee of £10
which covers insurance. To enquire about membership, contact Marc Hutchinson:
07879 444 380.

Serpentine Swimming Club

?????????.swim all year round in London’s Serpentine Lake.

“The Serpentine Lake is situated in London’s Hyde Park. The club has its own
changing facilities and is allowed to swim in the lake in the mornings
during certain hours. If you are interested in joining the club come down and
a chat with some of the swimmers at 8am on any Saturday.”

South London Swimming Club (Tooting Bec Lido)

“We swim outdoors all year round. Our home is Tooting Bec Lido. It is the largest
fresh water pool in England, encircled by trees and birdsong. The water
is clear and cold and the welcome warm. We encourage people to share in these
pleasures and also work to preserve outdoor swimming pools for future generations.”